Your supplements should be working harder.

We know, we tested them. We found that 84% of many supplements aren't being absorbed.

We're here to change that.

Introducing powdered solutions formulated for increased absorption by combining cutting-edge technology with nutrients in their most bioavailable form.

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Maximum Absorption Science

We don't absorb 84% of the supplements we take. The Absorption Company is here to change that. 

Our solutions deliver up to 5x better absorption thanks to our proprietary delivery system that converts lipophilic (oil based) nutrients into nanometric (really, really small) water soluble particles, then encoats them in a lipid layer to protect against degradation. 

Our mission is simple, yet profound: to empower everybody to actually choose how they feel.

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"We started The Absorption Company to bring trust, transparency, and efficacy to the supplement industry— and to empower everybody to choose how they feel."

- Co-Founder Ian Somerhalder