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How often can I take this?

Each of our blends are designed to be taken when you need them, and optimized for daily use.

Can I combine this with my current supplement routine?

This varies with each of our products. We always suggest you consult your doctor and make sure you are not exceeding the recommended daily values of nutrients.

What do you mean "5x more absorbable"?

Leveraging Capsoil® proprietary technology we are able to reduce nutrient particle size to 200 nm. This increases the surface area of the nutrients so when they pass through your small intestine you can absorb more of the active nutrients. We ran this through human clinical and in vitro studies and found an 500% increase in absorption of nutrients versus the control. This means, given the same dose, you are getting 5x more of the good stuff.

Why do these taste so good?

Ian spent over 3 years with food scientists and formulators specifically focusing on how to deliver the best tasting supplement product in the world--so taking your vitamins isn't a chore.

Is this safe to take while breastfeeding or pregnant?

When taking a supplement of any kind during pregnancy or breastfeeding, we recommend consulting a physician and showing them our nutritional labels to make the best decision for you.

Still have questions?

We have answers. Just email us at hello@absorbmore.com.