The Absorption Company is transforming the supplement aisle.

The Absorption Company is transforming the supplement aisle.

We're challenging the way you think about supplements by using proprietary game-changing technology, prioritizing absolute transparency and formulating comprehensive and highly effective solutions.

How we're changing supplements.

We've formulated each of our blends using groundbreaking Capsoil® technology — the first-ever water-soluble delivery system for liposomal nutrients proven to increase bioavailability by up to 500%.

To enhance our commitment to maximum efficacy, we not only utilize breakthrough absorption technology but also procure all our ingredients in their most bioavailable form, and ensure their effectiveness through support from human clinical studies.


Introducing Capsoil® Technology

We worked with clinically-trained scientists to develop our Capsoil® technology, the first water-soluble delivery system for liposomal nutrients.

The process converts lipophilic nutrients (vitamins that mix in fat, not water) into nanometric droplets (really, really tiny water-soluble particles) and coats them with a self-emulsifier (an all-natural coating that makes mixing easier).

The result? You absorb up to 500% more of our active nutrients.


Our commitment to max absorption goes beyond our technology.

Capsoil® is just the beginning. Our team is always working to bring you the best, most effective products.

That includes our commitment to:

  • Formulating with ingredients in their most bioavailable form.
  • Sourcing products with multiple human clinical studies to prove their efficacy.
  • Nutrient Synergy - the practice of pairing nutrients together to optimize each others absorption.

We source the highest quality ingredients.

We are committed to delivering the most effective nutrients on the market. We source only certified ingredients and test and retest every single batch. You won't find an ingredient  here without a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which guarantees zero contaminants, or without third party testing.

Once our blends are finalized, we get them third party tested again, to make sure we are delivering on our commitment of trust, transparency, and efficacy. 

Game-changing formulas take this health thing in a new direction.

And we’ve got the receipts.

5X more absorption.

Research shows that the absorption of our supplements is up to 5X greater than that of your standard supplements.

Superior bioavailability.

Studies show that Body-Ready™ nutrients undergo minimal degradation in the stomach — allowing for a greater “pool” of nutrients for the body to absorb.

Nanometric advancements.

Under our proprietary tech, nutrient particles are reduced to 1/1000 of their size(200 nm). This increases surface area — which increases the ability of your body to absorb it.

Comprehensive solutions for everything on (and off) your calendar.

We’re here to ensure you’re operating at your best all day and all night. Experience the full Absorption system with The Essentials Set.

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