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Fruit Punch


Powdered Supplement Formulated for Absorption



Go beyond synthetic caffeine, sugar, and chemicals. Our science-backed blend is a deliciously energizing solution formulated to uplift the mind, revitalize the body, and keep you fired up without burning out.

  • Sustained energy with Capsoil® enhanced nanometric caffeine optimized with Dynamine® to get rid of the crash.
  • Cognition and focus support with Alpha GPC, Sabroxy®, and Tyrosine.
  • Next-level antioxidants with advanced Capsoil® Liposomal Glutathione and Capsoil® Liposomal Vitamin C for superior immune support.
  • No jitters with L-Theanine to maintain an even flow state.
  • Elevated mood with uplifting Sensoril® Ashwaganda and Vitamin D for happiness in a bottle. 

    The solution to get your mind & body going.

    5x more absorbable

    By using Capsoil® proprietary nanometric liposomal technology we increase absorption rates of key nutrients by up to 500%.

    No jitters and no crash

    Dynamine® delivers sustained focus, mental clarity and energy—all without a come down. Meanwhile, ingredients like Ashwaganda and L-Theanine reduce cortisol to eliminate jitters.

    Sustained immune & cognitive support

    Capsoil® Liposomal Glutathione, Capsoil® Liposomal Vitamin C offer immune support while Sabroxy® works to keep your mental edge.

    Tastes really damn good

    Fruit Punch deliciousness with 3g of non-GMO sugar per serving.

    The best ingredients, researched for decades.

    We regularly test, assess, and reassess 100's of ingredients to ensure you’re receiving the absolute best nutrients in both quality and efficacy.

    • Capsoil® Liposomal Glutathione
      Capsoil® Liposomal Glutathione

      Glutathione, nature's master antioxidant, is hardly absorbed when taken orally. Our patented liposomal system makes sure you’re getting increased absorption and benefits. 

      What it does:

      It is responsible for phase 2 of liver detoxification--binding to harmful toxins and removing them from your body.*

      So what?

      It delivers long-term energy through restoration, helping to support stressed out cells.*

    • Capsoil® Liposomal Vitamin C
      Capsoil® Liposomal Vitamin C

      A wellness staple, our vitamin C is derived from fruits and starch, encapsulated in protective, fat-soluble liposomes to super-charge absorption. 

      What it does:

      Helps boost your immune system thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties.*

      So what?

      Delivers get-fixed-quick antioxidants to bounce back faster.*

    • Sabroxy®

      A standardized extract derived from the dried bark of the Indian trumpet tree.

      What it does:

      Promotes cognitive function and and may positively influence levels of BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor).*

      So what?

      Gives those brain cells long and short term support.

    • Capsoil® Nanometric Caffeine
      Capsoil® Nanometric Caffeine

      Enhanced caffeine that delivers fast absorption.  

      What it does:

      Quickly blocks adenosine receptors in the brain, reducing drowsiness and increasing alertness.*

      So what?

      Get a sustained alertness without the jitters or the comedown.*

    • Dynamine®

      Energizing compound derived from Kucha tea—a powerful elixir. 

      What it does:

      Acts in similar ways to caffeine to boost energy, focus, and oxygen uptake.*

      So what?

      Enhance the benefits of caffeine to avoid the crash.*

    • Methylcolbalamin (Vitamin B12)
      Methylcolbalamin (Vitamin B12)

      Unlike its cheaper counterparts, methylcobalamin is a cleaner, active B12 form, delivering direct absorption. 

      What it does:

      Plays a vital role in cellular regenerative processes and overall well-being.*

      So what?

      Gives you energy, plus helps the body break down other nutrients to use as fuel.*

    • Alphasize® Alpha GPC
      Alphasize® Alpha GPC

      A superior, more bioavailable version of choline (which helps regulate your brain and nervous system) thanks to its ability to pass through the blood-brain barrier. 

      What it does:

      Supports the release of acetylcholine the brains primary neurotransmitter.*

      So what?

      Get moving and motivated in a pinch.*

    • Methylfolate (Vitamin B9)
      Methylfolate (Vitamin B9)

      One of our favorite B vitamins, methylfolate helps support DNA synthesis and cell growth.*

      What it does:

      Bypasses typical absorption barriers to support positive mood, DNA support, and cellular regrowth.*

      So what?

      Methylfolate helps support bodily functions so you can function.*

    Shake it up with 16oz of cold water.

    Drink. Enjoy. Do it again when you need to.

    How often can I take this?

    There is 150mg caffeine in our energy blend. Caffeine tolerance varies from person to person, but the guidelines are not to exceed 400mg per day from all sources. We recommend spacing out caffeine doses by 8 hours. Limit to 2 a day 8 hours apart from previous use. If you have a caffeine intolerance or sensitivity please do not take this product. If you have any questions about supplementing please consult your physician.

    When should I take this?

    We recommend taking energy when you need to focus, when you're feeling low energy, or when you just need a bit of a boost. We recommend not taking energy 6-8 hours before your bed time.

    Is there caffeine in this?

    Yes, there is 150mg per serving. Daily caffeine consumption should be limited to approximately 400mg per day from all sources, so please use responsibly.

    How does it feel?

    Our nanometric caffeine provides an immediate burst of energy sustained by cognitive enhancing nootropics. This is balanced out by our Ashwaganda and Theanine to reduce jitters. Dynamine is added to prevent the caffeine crash.

    How long does it take to work?

    The effects of the nanometric caffeine work instantly. Cognitive enhancing nootropic Sabroxy gets more powerful with every day use. Moreover, as Glutathione, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B + folate levels increase from daily use, so will energy levels.

    Can I combine this with other supplements?

    Yes, but please always check the dose of your other supplements to make sure you are not exceeding the recommended daily values of nutrients. Do not consume with other caffeine sources. If there is any doubt or need clarification, please consult your doctor.