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Restore (Reward)

Highly Absorbable Powder Supplement

Restore (Reward)


Designed for rehydration and cellular recovery, our science-backed blend is deliciously restorative and formulated to rapidly hydrate, boost immunity and promote detoxification. Each stick provides an optimal blend of over 700mg of electrolytes from sodium, magnesium, and potassium for maximum hydration. 

  • Rapid recovery with Capsoil® CoQ10 to enhance mitochondrial function, energize cells, and boost vitality.
  • Next-level antioxidants with advanced Capsoil® Liposomal Vitamin C for superior immune support.
  • Supports liver detox with  Capsoil® Liposomal Glutathione. Especially helpful after having one too many.
  • Bioavailable Methylated B blend for your daily vitamin needs in the most convenient, absorbent format. 

The solution to get your mind & body going.

5x more absorbable

By using Capsoil® proprietary nanometric liposomal technology we increase absorption rates of select nutrients by up to 500%.

The Glutathione advantage

Glutathione is a powerhouse, helping to amplifying metabolic energy and detoxify the body. It also neutralizes free radicals and bolsters overall health. 


Restore is packed with over 700mg of the most bioavailable electrolytes (Magnesium Glycinate, Sodium Chloride, and Potassium Citrate) to keep you hydrated and healthy.

Goodbye goo

Our Capsoil® technology allows liposomal nutrients (like Vitamin C and Glutathione) to dissolve in your water, so you can say so long to gooey gels.

Shake it up with 16oz of cold water.

Drink. Enjoy. Do it again when you need to.

The best ingredients, researched for decades.

We regularly test, assess, and reassess 100's of ingredients to ensure you’re receiving the absolute best nutrients in both quality and efficacy.

  • Capsoil® Liposomal Glutathione
    Capsoil® Liposomal Glutathione

    Glutathione, nature's master antioxidant, is hardly absorbed when taken orally. Our patented liposomal system makes sure you’re getting increased absorption and benefits. 

    What it does:

    It is responsible for phase 2 of liver detoxification--binding to harmful toxins and removing them from your body.*

    So what?

    If you went too hard, this will help detoxify a tired body.*

  • Capsoil® Liposomal Vitamin C
    Capsoil® Liposomal Vitamin C

    A wellness staple, our vitamin C is derived from fruits and starch, encapsulated in protective, fat-soluble liposomes to super-charge absorption. 

    What it does:

    Helps boost your immune system thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties.*

    So what?

    Delivers get-fixed-quick antioxidants to bounce back faster.*

  • Capsoil® Coq10
    Capsoil® Coq10

    A powerhouse molecule that fuels cellular processes and offers protection against free radicals.*

    What it does:

    Enhances mitochondrial function, energizes cells, and boosts vitality.*

    So what?

    Help your body recover by helping your cells recover.*

  • Alphasize® Alpha GPC
    Alphasize® Alpha GPC

    A superior, more bioavailable version of choline (which helps regulate your brain and nervous system) thanks to its ability to pass through the blood-brain barrier. 

    What it does:

    Supports the release of acetylcholine the brains primary neurotransmitter.*

    So what?

    Nap-proofs drowsy afternoons.*

  • Magnesium Glycinate
    Magnesium Glycinate

    An electrolyte, it’s one of the most bioavailable and easily absorbed forms of magnesium.

    What it does:

    Helps support energy production, muscle function, and bone health.*

    So what?

    Pushed your body too hard? Magnesium helps get you back in the game.*

  • Potassium Citrate
    Potassium Citrate

    A dietary supplement that helps to support high acid levels in your body.

    What it does:

    Prevents cramps, enhances electrolyte balance, and supports heart, muscle, and nerve functions.*

    So what?

    Because cramps are the worst.

  • Sodium Chloride
    Sodium Chloride

    Also known as salt :)

    What it does:

    What doesn’t it do? Sodium chloride is critical in maintaining your electrolyte balance, aiding digestion, supporting bodily functions and more. 

    So what?

    A simple, clean solution to hydrate after intense workouts.

  • Methylfolate (Vitamin B9)
    Methylfolate (Vitamin B9)

    One of our favorite B vitamins, methylfolate helps support DNA synthesis and cell growth.*

    What it does:

    Bypasses typical absorption barriers to support positive mood, DNA support, and cellular regrowth.*

    So what?

    Methylfolate helps support bodily functions so you can function.*

How often can I take this?

This depends on level of activity and electrolyte depletion. We do not recommend exceeding 4 servings per day. We do not recommend exceeding daily values of any vitamins or nutrients. Always consult a physician when considering high doses of any supplement, vitamin, or mineral.

When should I take this?

Our Restore is for all occasions. Rehydration is essential after waking and starting every day off right, but we also recommend it after a workout for recovery and rehydration, for immune support and rehydration, or after you've had a night out that may have ended a little rough. The glutathione will support detoxification and the 700mg of electrolytes will help restore your system.

How does it feel?

Restore works at the cellular level to support detoxification, help boost immune health, and replenish electrolytes. Over time you may notice an improvement in energy and brain function, more hydrated skin and and improvement in your overall wellness.

How long does it take to work?

Our electrolytes work immediately to rehydrate, and our vitamins provide immediate support. However, with longer term use you may notice your immune support improves and inflammation levels reduce.

Can I combine this with other supplements?

Yes, but please always check the dose of your other supplements to make sure you are not exceeding the recommended daily values of nutrients. If there is any doubt or need clarification, please consult your doctor.